Sunday, January 7, 2007

Update - Please Read

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit absent the last couple weeks. I apologize. Of course there was the holiday, which was wonderful. We went to my sister’s house and ate too much and played board games and laughed way too much.

You know it’s been way too long since you visited your sister when your 9 year old niece says, “ I’ve been to your website. You look different.” LOL

The real purpose of this post is this one. For the last couple months I thought my ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) was acting up. I’ve had increased abdominal pain, weight loss, and other symptoms rather too personal to share. However, my gastroenterologist was unable to pinpoint the exact source. Despite increased medication the pain worsened. Cat scan was done which determined that the cause *might* not be stomach but might be my ovaries and uterus. An ultrasound was done where numerous cysts were found, one on each ovary and a few in the uterus.

I went to a gynecologist yesterday. After a physical examination and a medical history (including a mother and 4 or 5 maternal aunts with “female” cancers), she scheduled me for a total hysterectomy, including the uterus, both ovaries and fallopian tubes, and the cervix, next Friday the 15th, the earliest slot she had open. She sent me in for a battery of tests including colorectal cancer. (I cringe as I write that word.)

“But, wait! They don’t usually take the cervix in a hysterectomy.” True. Because of the situation my doctor feels it would be wise to remove everything that might be at risk.

I am 5’8” and I weigh 104 pounds. I have lost 18 pounds and that is what scares my doctor.

Hopefully, it’s nothing much. Find whatever’s causing the pain and take it out. Get back to kicking butt. In the meantime, pray for my family.

And know that, while posting will still be a little light, I’m blogging this in my head. ;) I’ll try to work as much as I can. I have tons of reviews to write and projects to share.


Anonymous said...

I so wish I could give you a HUGE hug. Well, I am glad your doctors (and you) are proactive. Don't worry about your stalkers, er, I mean, FOLLOWERS (lol), we will be fine. Rest up and just feel all the waves of prayer coming your way.

Tanya said...

Waves and waves of prayer, my sweet sister... we love you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Prayers going up as I type!

Anonymous said...

Sending you much love and support, Francie...and lots of healing thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Chad said .....
I too am praying sis! I love you! I just have three words! Three Little Birds! For everyone who has any worries or doubts just search those three words!!!! Three Little Birds Francie!

Corinne said...

Oh Francie- sending you healing thoughts and prayers and wishes for a very real relief of pain, along with prayers that this surgery will take care of all the problem!

Francie Horton said...

Thank you so much, every one of you! I can't express how much it means. If you could see my nose turning red and me breaking out in tears you'd know but I guess you'll have to settle for me telling you. :) So thank you!

Marie S said...

Francie, I too, am sorry and I am praying. May you be well and your family protected while you are in surgery and recovering.
Please keep us up to date when you can.
My love is holding your heart and your spirit in the meantime.
Love and huge cyber hugs.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

I had a similiar issue and had a total (complete the whole kit-n-kobbdle)Hysto for similiar situations please email me if you want to chat. Hang in there! Nan

gerri said...

oh francie! i'm sending warm thoughts. i hope it all goes well and your pain is relieved.

1000 Journals said...

Sending you much strength, positive, healing vibes, support... So good you're sharing this, because you are not alone! All the very best and much love, xoxo andrea

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I've been wondering why your blogging had become infrequent. I just assumed it was for the holidays. I hope everything goes well and that the hysterectomy solves the problem. :) Sending lots of prayers your way. ((HUGS))

the_planner said...

I'm a new reader to your blog, but wanted to say that I am hoping for the best for you. Take extra good care of yourself--in every way.

Becky New said...

lots and lots of hugs and prayers francie... i've been there... its no fun.

Amanda said...

Oh Francie, I hope everything works out and that the surgery goes better than any ever has. Everyone at Craft Critique will be thinking of you.

Francie Horton said...

Thank you so much, every one of you! I will get back to you individually... And I'm getting the studio in shape in the next two days because I may not be allowed to do any physical labor after the surgery but wild horses couldn't keep me away from here. :) Y'all may get tired of the daily posts! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Francie,
After several years of stomach pain, I finally went the TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingectomy/oopherectomy - and yes, the cervix too) route in August 2008.

When the surgeons got in they found I had extensive endometriosis and myeomas - and they don't show up on any scans, dagnabbit!!

It took about 6 weeks post surgery before I could move about comfortably, BUT - the pain went away. I don't even have much of a scar.

(Unfortunately,I think the endo has come back:-( but I'm waiting to see the gynaecologist again)

So - much commiseration, and may I point you to I found being able to get unbiased info about surgical procedures and options, and read other people's stories there helpful. (no affils!)

I hope your surgery goes well with no complications and you get back to being pain free and super creative ASAP