Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carol Duvall and iCraftNetwork? Only with YOUR help!

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Carol and Tim Holtz

As a teenager I didn’t know anybody that crafted. My mother taught me to sew the basics – you know clothing and such. And it’s not like the internet was around to fill in the gap. We are talking the late eighties here. Enter the Home show.

Home, hosted by Gary Collins during the time I watched it, ran from 1988 to 1994. I watched it while getting ready for school (high school) and as a young wife and mother. My favorite segments were the craft and decorating ones by Kitty Bartholomew, Carol Duvall, and Dian Thomas. I can’t tell you how many things in my home were either projects from the show or directly influenced by them.

When the Home show ended in 1994 Carol started her own show on HGTV. It was extremely popular during its 12 year run. It showed a multitude of projects from paper to polymer to jewelrymaking. While simple enough for the beginning crafter to complete, most also had options for embellishing or other techniques to challenge the more advanced crafter. Each of her guests also brought examples of different colorways and embellishments. My personal favorite segments were when she visited artists and craftsmen in their studios. Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like seeing someone working in their own environment.

When it was canceled in 2006 no one was more confused as to why than her thousands of fans. The public outcry was enough for the Scripps Company (parent of both networks) to continue broadcasting it on their DIY Network where it has enjoyed a cozy berth up until now. HGTV recently announced that they have decided to cancel the show (again). There seemed to be nothing to be done this time.

However, Carol’s producer Kelly Ehrlich may have a solution, the iCraftNetwork. This new network would show archived episodes of the Carol Duvall show as well as new shows by hip craft stars of tomorrow – the best of both worlds.

A new network needs capital naturally but any investor worth his salt won’t touch it without an outpouring of interest and support. And isn’t that what the craft community does best – take care of our own?

It will just take a minute to jot a line or two. Don’t know what to write? Say something about a favorite project or one that inspired something else that you did. If Carol inspired you to craft, tell ‘em so! If, like me, you grew up on Carol, that’s good, too. If nothing else just tell them how much we need all crafting all the time on iCraftNetwork. Oh, you might mention features you think the website should include. It can’t hurt, right? ;)

Send your emails to

And please… pass this information on. If you have a Twitter account it’s as easy as hitting “Retweet” on the bottom right under the article. Presto! You’re done!


Unknown said...

I am THERE!!!! Wherever I need to send the email - I LOVE Carol Duval and miss her on HGTV...which hasn't been the same since she left. I have about 20 VHS tapes full of all her shows!!

Peach Nia said...

please check out my blog as you won the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hi...your blog is so informative...I just found you the other day. Suzi Blu has a video about CHA on her blog and she mentions Carol Duvall...and it also shows some footage of Carol at this crafting convention.

Justme said...

Is Carol coming back live? TV? The Internet? PLEASE COME BACK CAROL! Things are NOT the same without your show or you! I'm housebound and watching Carol enabled me to learn how to make things and do things with my love of rubber stamping and crafts. I would love something that is NOT just ALL SCRAPBOOKING, how many scrapbooks does one person need or make? It's a necessity to learn how to do other things than a scrapbook
Thank You here's hoping! Donna

Francie Horton said...

Thanks, Mary! And that's a good video on SuziBlu's site.

Donna, be sure to email your opinion to Carol! They want to hear from everyone on this and yours is exactly the story they're looking for. :)

Anonymous said...

I too love Carol and was so fortunate to be able to do the Crafting Cruise they had in 2005. Carol was as sweet in person as on TV. I wrote in an e-mail, I hope that it helps with the ICraftNetwork.

Does anyone have project instructions for the Falling Down Box that Carol did on episode 1307? DIY and HGTV removed all of their instructions they had for the Carol Duvall show. I should have made copies of them.

Francie Horton said...

Oh, I bet that was cool! What fun! :)

I'll ask around and see what can I find out about those directions for you. Check back with me here or send me an email with your name and info at primseydolls (@)

Unknown said...

I really don't get why HGTV would do that? She has legions of fans. The station has never been the same since her show (and other shows like hers) were "erased" from HGTV. Now all they have are copy after copy after copy of the same old real estate shows OR revamping rooms in a home. Can you say "B-O-R-I-N-G" ?!
I would PAY extra to have the channel that Carol will be on!! Come back Carol! Your minions need you (haha).

Lucibelle said...

I miss Carol's show so much! I miss craft shows so much! I don't even bother with HGTV and DIY anymore. I'm so sick of their real estate shows. I would DEFINITELY subscribe to a craft channel! I would LOVE to see this happen!

Emily said...

Carol’s producer Kelly Ehrlich may have a solution, the iCraftNetwork. Its just simply great. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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Lana Bisson said...

I am 47 and have been watching Carol since she first started on the home show. Her telling me I can do it, during a time in my life of recovery over the loss of my baby girl helped me so much. I fell in love with scrapbooking on her show. Now today I am thriving as a scrapbooker/crafter. I have been on several design teams and published in a few books and magazines. I owe Carol Duvall great thanks. I wish I could give her a big hug. I am now starting in the world of blog about my scrapbooking and art projects. Thank You Carol.