Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Five Friday #3 – Artists

Friday, April 24, 2009
Quick! What pops into your head when I ask who your favorite artists are? Do you write those down or do you fudge a little? Do you have a favorite artist but you tend not to mention him/her because *everyone* likes them? Or conversely, is there an artist that you think you SHOULD like because everyone else does? And what about those old masters? I know some people really do like them but for me, they sometimes seem rather… distant. Or Frida… I absolutely love how colorful she was but some of her more anatomical work is just not my thing no matter how popular she is.

So now that I’ve burnt my bridges here’s who’s currently in my fave five:

1. Liza Corbett

2. Julie West

3. Stella Im Hultberg

4. Dan Casado

5. Amy Alice Thompson

These are not journal artists primarily. These inspire me to reach further, deeper… to want to paint or to make giant collaged canvases. I also have a fave five for jewelry and fabric. :)


michelle allen said...

thanks for all your links. you have GREAT taste in artists :)