Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Five Friday #2 – Websites

Friday, April 17, 2009
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday last weekend. Did you get some journaling done? Or did you spend it living in the moment with family and friends like I did? :)

This Friday’s favorite five is websites. Do you have certain websites that you find yourself visiting time after time, whether it’s for techniques, supplies, or just plain ole eye candy?

Mine are (in in no particular order)

1. Dispatch from L.A. MaryAnn Moss

MaryAnn not only has some of the juiciest journal pages and best martini recipes, she has got a sense of humor you wouldn’t believe. And when she shares her sister’s pages, too, it’s a double dose of inspiration. In the summers they travel together while we sit home and live vicariously through her blog.

2. Be… Dream… Play… Elizabeth Bunsen

Elizabeth journals everyday it seems and her pages are filled with tons of beautiful imagery. She doesn’t overexplain her pages leaving them just begging to be interpreted by the viewer. She also shares lovely photos of her world.

3. Judy Wise

I think many of us know of Judy Wise from her beautiful encaustic pieces. She also does journal pages that are edge to edge packed with feeling. I love the stencils she makes from her childhood photos and how much written journaling she does. That’s something I’ve never been able to get the hang of… getting words down on paper without feeling self-conscious about them. Judy does it, and well.

4. Old Lady in A Teenager Kara Haupt

This isn’t technically a journaling blog. Kara isn’t technically your average teenager. She is a sixteen year old who scrapbooks. Wait! Don’t run off yet. Check out some of her stuff first. The new scrapbooking is really just visual journaling one page at a time. I’m still waiting for other people to realize this and there to be some sort of crossover. It’s gonna happen, folks.

5. Pomegranates and Paper Loretta Marvel

Loretta only posts art occasionally. I believe most of it is saved for her magazine articles. But, oh, this woman can turn a phrase. She can write about New York at Christmastime and you can almost smell the chestnuts and hear the crowds. The photos she posts of the window displays make you wish you were right there with her. You’ll want to be one of her shopping/lunch buddies. Or the way she writes about the beach and seafood… my goodness. If you have not visited her blog, do yourself a big favor and read thru her archives.

What are yours?


eb said...

so pleased to be one of your 5
it is time for some new journal pages
I've got a few waiting in the wings

thanks so much...

xox - eb.