Friday, April 22, 2011

But what do you DO?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you ever get that question? Especially you stay-at-home types - moms and dads alike.

"So where do you work?"
"Oh, I don't actually have a job outside the home. I write reviews for several book publishers for my blog as well as a large craft website.* I also create art for a major company using their new products that's shipped out to stores nationwide. Oh, and I teach an afterschool art class to elementary school kids. And every time somebody needs anything vaguely craft or art related done for school, church, or family I'm the first one they call on."
"You get to stay at home! That's so nice. I wouldn't be able to that. All that time on my hands would drive me crazy."

Fortunately, starting this next week, I'll be working as a cake decorator / pastry chef at a local bakery. So I can finally say I DO something! :)

* up til 6 months ago... which is a whole other story. That particular experience, while giving me a jumpstart on craft reviewing just left me with a bad, but not bitter ;), taste in my mouth there in the last year. A major reason I just kinda clammed up online.