Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm a big phony - emails, reviews, & apologies

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yep, that's me. I'm one of those bloggers who pretends to have it all together, show only the rosy side. Then when all the eggs fly out the basket and splat everywhere I hide while I clean them up. I've even disappeared from the web for months at a time.

So I'm going to 'fess up. I've been hiding. I've gotten way behind. Some of the recovery didn't go quite as well as projected and I had an additional week of recouping. And, yes, I could have been working on the blog but I kind of felt sorry for myself during that time. I also took care of my 13 year old with an upper respiratory infection, my 17 year old with a 24 hour stomach bug, and my husband with bronchitis. It's never just one thing, is it? LOL

I have kept up with teaching my art/craft class and that's about it. I still have Christmas decorations up, for crying out loud! I'm not supposed to lift the tubs to pack them away and I haven't had the determination to make anybody help me. Come heck or high water, tho, they're coming down this weekend. (This sounds familiar....)

Also, emails 20 at a time with teeny tiny breaks between, all 750. If yours is extra important move it to the top of the list by sending it again, or if you just think it might have gotten lost or buried in spam.

I have reviews that are overdue and for this I sincerely apologize. It is not very professional of me and certainly not a good start to the year and the new direction of the blog. All I can do from here is move forward and hope for your understanding.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming!


Anonymous said...

Not a problem ... I wasn't sure when your surgery happened, but I figured that is where you were, lol. I hope all went okay and you are feeling better?

Marie S said...

I think you should put away the baton and quit beating yourself up. ;-D
It is so good to have you back.
Maybe you were supposed to take a little break.
Love and hugs, Happy Valentine's day!

Peach Nia said...

Looking after yourself is paramount, not a blog.