Saturday, January 23, 2010

Post-op Update

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I had my post-op appointment today. They biopsied my uterus, cervix and ovaries when they took them out. Those all came back negative. My colon screening was also negative. Woot!

After removing the uterus they were able to examine it and determine that my pain was caused by adenomyosis: "This condition results from the lining cells of the uterus growing directly into the muscle wall of the uterus. When the lining cells of the uterus bleed at the time of the menstrual period, these misplaced cells in the muscle bleed as well. And bleeding directly into the muscle causes pain. As the blood accumulates, the surrounding muscle swells and forms fibrous tissue in response to the irritation." Source

Since the hysterectomy I have noticed that I no longer have the abdominal or back pain that I had before. I have the normal pain you would expect after such a surgery but on a scale of 1 to 10 I wouldn't rate it any high than a 4. This is excellent since I haven't had a day below 6 in the past 6-9 months. I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm feeling so much better as evidenced by my shopping after my appointment. :P And I *will* create something this weekend even if it's only a page in my journal. And tackle the 534 emails in my inbox. *cringe*

I am so incredibly blessed. Not only because of the results of my tests and the success of my surgery, but because of the support and prayers of my friends and family. Every one of you made me feel loved, supported, uplifted. Thank you so much.

My doctor calls me The Unsinkable Molly Brown because I'm the fastest recovering patient she's ever had. :) And my husband calls me "the shoppin'est damn woman I've ever met"!


Eva said...

Congratulations, those the best news that you could expect. It is wonderful ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you don't know me ... but please take it easy! I know you feel better because the source of pain is gone so you are perceiving you are 'well' ... your body still needs time to heal!!! Sit and relax, no lifting anything heavier than a cup of coffee, ;) and just take it easy!!!

Tanya said...

I concur with your husband! I am so happy for you, my sister, and am so thankful that you are now on a path to recovery and healing... I love you so very much and how close we have become through this. Thank you for allowing me to be there for you, with you. I can't say it enough - I love you.


Unknown said...

So glad to hear your okay.

and your husbands comment is HILARIOUS! lol mine says the same thing hehe. Can't help it though sales are a weakness.....;)

Francie Horton said...

Thanks, Eva. I agree. :)

You're right, Melanie, and I did overdo it a little. But the sales were SO good. hehe

Anita, we can't help it, can we? It's practically in our blood. :)

Tanya, I don't know how you're related to mom and I - you're such a shopping wuss. ;) Love you anyway!

Kelly Snelling said...

francie i could jump up and down i am so damn happy for you! thank God!! good news is the best news. whoo-hooo!!!! shop til you drop, girl!