Friday, December 11, 2009

Mad Men Christmas, anyone? Ideas for Retro Holidays

Friday, December 11, 2009
Image courtesy of Dyna Moe who offers
weekly Mad Men desktops on Flickr

I love Mad Men. I don't watch it every week. I'll let a few episodes pile up and then watch them all at once. I watch all my TV shows that way. Then I can get a decent-sized project done while watching. Unfortunately, that's why I don't watch as many subtitled movies as I'd like to, either.

But back to Mad Men. I'll pass on the chain-smoking and on the cocktails at noon. Oh, and definitely on the philandering husband. But a Mad Men Christmas design theme? That could be fun. So I did a little research and here's what's on my wishlist.

Bethany Lowe Boxes found in this great
Have Yourself a Merry Mad Men Christmas post

And if you're planning on throwing a
Christmas party why not do it up right?
Try a Mad Men Theme

party thrown by Kim from Head of the Table

complete with entertainment ;)

Be sure to dress the part in a
1950's Vintage Cocktail Dress from Etsy

and Fancy Christmas Hostess Apron

And if you're at all curious what was popular for Christmas in 1959, check out Christmas Snapshots on the LA Times blog.

Stay tuned for a feature on retro-inspired ornaments!