Monday, September 21, 2009

Sewing Green Book Review

Monday, September 21, 2009
I've had Betz White's Sewing Green on my desk for several weeks now, its woolly autumn-like cover taunting me. You have to understand, I live in West Texas where it's not uncommon for the mercury to hit the triple digits on a normal summer's day. But for the last several days it's been deliciously fall-ish around here. I'm sipping pumpkin spice coffee and sporting a light sweater in the mornings. I even bought a miniature pumpkin at the store today. I'll probably give him a jaunty little face with my Copic markers tomorrow.

Will you look at that scarf? Isn't that the cutest? Not only are the instructions super easy but it's made from recycled wool. Maybe your kids have some outgrown sweaters you can felt up in the washing machine or if you happened to let your husband or boyfriend do the laundry last winter you might have some of your own sweaters already felted for you. ;) If not, hunt some down at yard sales or thrift stores. After a good hot wash with some laundry soap, they'll be perfect for this project. Imagine it in reds and oranges, too!

And this draft pillow? Be still my heart! I live in a 1950's home with hardwood floors so there's always a little bit of chilly breeze beneath a door somewhere. This is not only just the thing utility-wise but adorable as all get out. There is even bracket fungi on the side. When's the last time you heard that said as a positive thing? :)

Go ahead. Guess. What's this bag made from? Tyvek shipping envelopes. Yep, my response was pretty much "No way!", too. Betz even recycles the envelopes she receives packages in. These would make great shopping bags for the grocery store. You can bet you'll have everyone asking where you got them.

If you're related to me you can bet you're gonna see one of these neck pillows under your Christmas tree this year. So cozy, so warm, so easy to make. This would also make a great sales item for those fall/winter bazaars.

I have at least twice this many more projects bookmarked as favorites. But, hey, if I spend all my time telling you about them I won't have time for sewing! So run out and get your own copy of this great book. I promise this is one you'll use over and over through the years.


t.Roberts said...

The scarf is so whimsical -- I'm tempted to see if I could actually reproduce it for my daughter. She'd LOVE it! Oooh, or even do a deep green with holly leaves and berries for Christmas-time! I'm going for a mostly homemade Christmas this year for the family to see if we can get out of the commercialized rut that has been so easy for the past few years (although not easy on the pocketbook!) Thanks as always for sharing, Francie!