Friday, September 18, 2009

My Secret Addiction or What to Buy in Ruidoso N.M.

Friday, September 18, 2009
You all know me as a journaler and mixed-media artist. But I have a secret addiction. I can't resist the allure of beads and charms. What you see above is just one tray of several. These are the cool colors - the blues and greens. I also have a case each of warms, neutrals, novelty beads, metals, charms, and findings, and vintage jewelry pieces. Then there are the cigar boxes filled with beaded strands and vintage jewelry that hasn't been taken apart yet. Oh, and all the necessary hardware.

So when I went on a weekend retreat to Ruidoso lately and stumbled on a great little bead and jewelry store tucked in amongst all the tacky tourist shops you can imagine my joy. It's a store called Beads to Beauty and it's located inside the Four Seasons Mall. Below you can see a few of my goodies. I also picked up some hardware and a charm or two that my daughter has already secreted away somewhere.

I think my favorite piece is this focal bead pendant. Heather Kingsmore is a master at wire wrapping. And it was only $6! She had several different ones to choose from as well as different colors of leather cords and ribbons with clasps attached for those of us too anxious to wait to wear our new treasures.

I noticed on her blog that she also gives classes on how to make them. If only it weren't three and a half hours away! I would SO be there. :)