Saturday, September 19, 2009

Momiji Couture Contest

Saturday, September 19, 2009
I received an email a couple days ago from Fran Pearce of 10 Yetis who is doing the PR for a wonderful art/fashion competition. It’s called the Momiji Couture Contest and I know several of you readers could do a bang-up job with this one.

From the website:

“Momiji are message dolls, each doll has a space in its base for a secret message. Our Couture Contest is a playful new direction; we’re looking for one-off, fabric dolls. You can create your doll using a combination of any textile methods you like; weaving, printing, knitting, embroidery....the list goes on…

Our aim is to create a catwalk of exquisite Momiji dolls which show off the skill and flair of textile artists around the world. A shortlist of ten finalists will be chosen by our panel of experts. These ten dolls will be exhibited at Royal/T in Los Angeles. The judges will vote to select an overall winner. The winning entry will be featured in Selvedge magazine and we’ll be working with our press team to tell the world about you and your textile talent.”

Check out these photos of the talented Zoe Murphy setting up Royal/T.

From the official press release:

"Continuing on their mission to champion grass-roots talent, Momiji are launching their latest venture with up-and-coming designers. The team behind the cult brand of oddly-addictive message dolls work with the freshest talent around the globe and this year they’re turning their sights towards the world of textiles and fashion with the Momiji Couture Contest.

The competition will be launched at the New Designers show at the Business Design Centre in Islington in July. Momiji will be calling for entries from fashion and textile students & graduates as well as the global crafting community. They’ll be setting them the challenge to create their own exquisite, fabric Momiji doll.

Last year Momiji invited graphic designers to design a Momiji to be sold exclusively in Selfridges. Hundreds of entries and thousands of public votes later the limited edition dolls hit the shelves.

The dolls from the Couture Contest will take a new direction with the top entries forming an exhibition of one-off, hand-crafted dolls at super-cool Japanese art space, Royal/T in Los Angeles.

The competition will be judged by a panel of fashion and design experts including Pip McCormac of Sunday Times Style Magazine, Barbara Hulanicki, founder of iconic 60’s fashion boutique BIBA, Deputy Editor of Selvedge Magazine; Beth Smith as well as Japanese art collector and owner of Royal/T, Susan Hancock. It’s the perfect opportunity for budding fashion students to showcase their magic.

To get involved visit for a full design brief and then switch on your sewing machine."

I'm really enjoying reading their blog full of interesting artist interviews and such.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration check out the recent exhibit Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum. My good friend Jacqueline Myers-Cho has a beautiful piece in this show.

More photos from Royal/T


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