Saturday, July 11, 2009

What To Do With Family Photos and Leftover Cardboard

Saturday, July 11, 2009
One day I was goofing around and I used the corrugated cardboard inserts from something or other and built a house. Then I covered it with old dictionary pages.

At this point I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Then I remembered my mother-in-law was going in for knee surgery and I needed a "get well" present. She loves family photos although she never does anything with them. So I decided to make something 3-dimensional for her to display. Since she has 3 sons it works out perfectly. Each son and his wife gets a side of the house while the parents are on the front of the house. The two couples who have children get the sides of the houses with roof slopes so that the grandchildren's pictures can go on the roof.

the front of the house
H is for Horton

the parents

Landon and Jill, the babies of the family

Mike and Jeanne-Mari with their daughter Melissa

Ken and me with our kids, Kaitlin and Cameron

the bottom of the house
The entire family has ridden several organized bike rides together. Cycling is a big deal to us.


Dawn said...

What a cool idea. I bet your mother-in-law loved receiving such a personal gift ~ a real treasure, for sure.

Anonymous said...

This is so should try shopping this around to the various magazines and do a how-to story.

Francie Horton said...

Thanks, Dawn. I'm giving it to her today, hence the 4:15 am finishing up time. hehe

Lynn, thank you. What an interesting idea. I haven't actually been published in about 4-5 years, either. I wonder if it's time to dip my toes back in. :)

t.Roberts said...

Yes, yes! This would be a great how-to article. While waiting, maybe Sierra and I will make one for her friend's birthday!

Kelly Snelling said...

yeeeesssss! this is just the best get well gift ever, francie! she is going to Love, Love it!! kudos, friend. it really is awesome.

Jessi Nagy said...

Hey sweets,

this is so super cute.
i love these houses.
and yes it is an adult size dress. tee hee silly.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Hey Francie! I see what you mean! Although our pieces are very different when finished, the way of working has a similar energy about it with the markings and sketchy paint. Its like one of those 'read my mind ' experiments and 'draw what I'm drawing' tasks where we've crossed over in certain areas. IYKWIM lol
Love your house and blog. :0)