Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artful Blogging Magazine Review

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artful Blogging. Isn’t that something we all aspire to? Or at least to making our little corner of the web a better place? And wouldn’t it be nice if it were easier to find those other bloggers with that same aesthetic? Somerset Studios has done just that with the publication of their quarterly magazine Artful Blogging. In it they strive to bring us those precious little corners of the web that are just that bit better, that bit more inspiring.

Artful Blogging began in the spring of 2008, and a year later, they still have plenty of creative blogs to discover and explore. I recently went through both the Spring and Summer 2009 issues and picked a few favorites to share.

Gillian Hamilton of New South Wales, Australia has a yummy blog featuring journal pages and jewelry. Her photographs of her work are excellent which always makes a big difference.

Dina Wakley from Arizona is primarily a scrapbooker and art journaler. I had her pages in the magazine bookmarked without looking at the name and when I went back to write this post I noticed it was the same person whose online journaling classes I was drooling over just last week. She has a grunginess to her pages that is just so appealing.

Irene Tan is a scrapbooker from Malaysia. Her work is just so full of depth. I would love to hold it and explore it and I still don’t think I would be able to “get” everything about it. You really must check out the Nature mini album pictured.

Penny Elizabeth Neil lives in Greensborough, Victoria, Australia. I relate to her because of her love of collecting and her ability to find the beauty in vintage things others might throw away. She makes beautiful jewelry from many of these found items.

Texan Debra Cooper is an artist whose blog I have followed for a long time so I was excited to see her blog included. Not only are her journal pages full of color but she seems to live her life with intention. The intention to fill it with not only color but also joy, creativity, and inspiration. Her recent photographs from both Mexico and Portland make me want to pack an art bag and run away for the weekend.

Finally, this article would not be complete if I didn't mention Aimee Dolich. I first saw Aimee's art in the Facebook group Journal Pages (insert shameless plug) that we run together. I am so incredibly jealous of her lettering! Aimee is also one of those people who goes out and grabs life by the reins instead of letting it be something that happens *to* her. I don't know how she manages all the things she does with two little girls.

Artful Blogging is one of Stampington’s $15 magazines. Is it worth it? Simply put, yes. It isn’t just a directory. It’s filled with wonderful photos and stories, also. Each one has a little bit of info about blogging in the back. And it will save you many hours surfing, sifting the wheat from the chaff. Just tell yourself it’s softcover book. It works for me.


Marie S said...

Great review, thank you!

Gillian said...

Excellent Review Francie :)
The thing I love the most about Artful Blogging is how each Artists heart shines through in their individual feature, not just in their artwork but in the words they write also.

You have highlighted some amazing artists who inspire me so much, what a delight to be included in your review, Thank You so much ♥

Anonymous said...

"Just tell yourself it’s softcover book."

THAT is exactly what I tell myself when I purchase one of their magazines. Yep, for a 'magazine' I would never pay that much ... but for a book, of course! And I have not regretted ever buying one! Well, except when I bought the Art Journaling one - I bought it in digital format ... ended up printing it out (talk about $$$!) But I had to hold it in my hands - the computer screen just was not good enough!
I have been teetering on the edge of getting Artful Blogging ... I think you just pushed me over -

Marie S said...

Francie a special person deserves something special, it is one the blog, please come see

Marie S said... say???
Then I made the exact right choice.
I am honored to have you spread the crown, give shade and comfort and caring.
Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Great review...I love this magazine too...especially since a few friends are in it!!! I often read it front to back like a book...loved the section on Aimee!

papel1 said...

I just bought my issue of Artful Blogging last night. I glanced through it this morning and can hardly wait to read it tonight.

Queen B. said...

Yes, the price IS worth it. It's 144 pages, all in color and you will refer to the issues again and again. The spine has held up so far. I might get a subscription since it's hard to find on newsstands and it quickly sells out at art stores.

Thanks for introducing this magazine to those who haven't discovered this gem yet.

Francie Horton said...

You're welcome, Marie. I enjoy writing them.

Gillian, you are so right. It's not just photos but the piece they write for the magazine, too. It really gives you a glimpse of their personality. And you're so welcome. :)

Francie Horton said...

Melanie, the pages are a really nice quality unlike a lot of other magazines so it's easy to feel that way about them, also. :)

I treasure my print copy of that magazine. I'm glad I was wise enough to snatch it up when I saw it.

Francie Horton said...

Lynn, I did, too! I wish they hadn't cropped her work but it was still a good section. :)

Francie Horton said...

Judy, I'm glad you got it. You'll enjoy it. :)

Francie Horton said...

Queen B, yes, it does seem to disappear quickly here, too. And it is a good sturdy magazine. :)