Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Favorites #4 – Books

Saturday, May 2, 2009
Have you ever hit a brick wall creatively? No, really! I know it’s not just me. You know those times when you pull out your creative bible, that book that never fails to inspire, the one that at leaves gives you a little inkling of an idea. Everybody’s creative bible is different. What book is your creative bible?

When’s the last time you were in a bookstore flipping through the art books and instead of writing down the title and artist of a book so you could price check it on Amazon you *gasp* paid full price for it right then and there? It really was that yummy, that informative, that spark you needed at that moment. (Or maybe you started writing notes in it before you even paid for it. Guilty!) What book was that?

When your friend emails or calls you up and says “I just don’t feel it lately. My creative juices are dried up.” what book do you immediately recommend to him/her?

What fascinating new (or just new-to-you) book have you found lately and eye-openers did you get out of it?

And, finally, listen up, authors! Tell me about YOUR books! Make me want to read them!

1. My creative bible – Lynne Perrella’s Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks: Exploring and Creating Personal Pages – never fails!

2. the book I wrote notes in? Holly Harrison and Paula Grasdal’s Collage for the Soul: Expressing Hopes and Dreams Through Art

3. Recommended Reading – Dawn Devries Sokol’s 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations

I have lots more books I recommend and love. I encourage you to check them out on my LibraryThing. Just click on the “journaling” tag. (nope, I don’t make anything off your clicks to LibraryThing. I just feel limited sharing these 3.)


Kelly Snelling said...

i get turned on by a lot of different books. mary oliver's poetry turns me on as does charles bukowski's. very different sorts of words. david hockney and gustav klimt's paintings drive me wild and make me want to paint. i do like the jewelry book i did with ruth A Charming Exchange for cool jewelry ideas. i still read it when i am trying to jump start a piece of jewelry. it's got a wide variety of techniques from many different points of view. and that inspires me. there you have it!