Saturday, May 30, 2009

Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media by LK Ludwig

Saturday, May 30, 2009

As soon as I saw this book hit the blogosphere I knew I was going to have to get my grubby mitts on a copy. Something about knowing several of the contributing artists really makes it mean that much more. But just looking at all the pictures was enough to make me drool anyway. So I tapped my toe and watched the street for a week. The poor UPS man probably thought I was going to tackle him when it came in. But it was well worth the wait.

And if you’ve ever taken part in an art collaboration, you might be thinking to yourself that it’s quite fitting, as well. Every few weeks you send off your contribution and wait for the next package to arrive for you to add your personal touch to it. That’s what this book is all about. Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media by LK Ludwig features details of past collaborations, Inner-views with artists, projects to do (!!!), and even a Flickr group with a reader invitation.

I found the photos inspiring – not the same old thing we’ve seen before. I liked the fact that there were actually projects in addition to the eye-candy. Oh, and there aren’t just journals, either. There are postcards, fatbooks, altered books, inchies, art dolls, and more. And having hosted and stitched my little fingers to shreds on the very first Fiberfest Fatbooks, I was tickled pink to see them still alive and well and in print. :)

I've chosen just a few of my favorite pages from the book to show you. Go to the Amazon listing to see several more.

This book will join my permanent art library as one of those books to take down time and again for a creative shot in the arm. I give it two paint-stained thumbs up.


aimee said...

looks like a cool book - and i love your new banner!