Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fave Five Friday #1 (Early Bird Special)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every Friday in the Facebook Journal Pages group I’ll be introducing a Fave Five topic where we can discuss our favorite tools, art books, pens, sites, etc. I’ll also post it here for those readers who aren’t a member of Facebook.

I’m posting early this week because I’m going out of town tonight.

For our first Fave Five I thought we might talk about journaling tools. What are you five favorite tools (or supplies) you couldn’t live without, especially non-traditional ones? Is there a special pen that you order from monks in Timbuktu because it doesn’t skip no matter what surface you use it on? Or a paint that has ground dragon scales in it that gives your pages that special shimmer?

My five would be:

1. Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons – even if I don’t use water with them. I love the rich color. I love even just scribbling on my pages with them.

2. Spray paint!

3. Tape – masking tape, duct tape, metal auto detailing tape from the auto parts store is especially cool. There’s also a wide aluminum tape sold in the parts store for mufflers and things that’s really interesting. Also while browsing last night I saw a new-to-me tape that i can't wait to try - Rainbow Tape.

4. Scrapbook paper – There are some awesome papers, guys. I use to be snooty about scrapbook stores. I thought it was all babies and rainbows. Hambly Screenprints, Cosmo Cricket, and Basic Grey are some of my favorites.

5. Cheap Elmer’s gluesticks - In the fall they go on sale: a 2 pack for a quarter. I buy about $20 worth. This barely lasts me thru the next year til they go on sale again. And I want to stock up, because in November the price goes back to $1.24 for the 2 pack. And I can go thru 4-5 gluesticks in a sitting.

I do not make any commission from the links in this post. I just wanted to provide pictures and possible sources.


Lisa Kaus said...

thanks for stopping by-- My personal favs- the caran d ache crayons- oh how I love them--
Have a great day