Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Dare You: Scrapbook Challenges About Real Life

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Dare You: Scrapbook Challenges About Real Life
by Kristina Contes, Meghan Dymock, Nisa Fiin, and Genevieve Simmonds

I am not your traditional scrapbooker. In fact, I haven't really touched one since my sixteen year old was in her crib. But I wandered into a new scrapbook store in town to see if they had any supplies for "real" art. I'm snooty that way. ;) Where have I been for 15 years? There was so much fun to be had! And I had to have one of each.

So I came home and turned to my best friend, The Google, and researched scrapbooking. After doing a messy visual journal for years it didn't take long to find the kind of personal scrapbooking I like. If I find it a bit challenging it's only because it feels a little self-absorbed to be scrapping only about myself. However, the finished product is something my children will love to have someday.

More and more people are documenting their stories, their daily lives, sometimes their own minutiae. And they're not doing it in nice neat orderly rows, either.

While searching for scrappers online, I came across Kristina Contes and was blown away by her stuff. One thing led to another and I ended up on the EfferDares website. Naturally, I had to order the book.

This book is filled with many one and two-word idea prompts to get you started. Each prompt is explained. Then each of the artists' interpretations is shown. The chapters are titled The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Silly Wacky Funny, The Random, and The Best. There are a couple pages about the contributors and several detailing the supplies used and sources to find them.

The dares do more than scratch the surface. They encourage you to document your inner dorkiness, your inner loveliness, your collections, your regrets, fears, and guilty pleasures. Put it all down!

If you're looking for prompts and eye candy, this is your book. Being a beginning scrapper I still need other sources for how-to and sketches. We dare You is not marketed as a technique book so I wouldn't count this against it.


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