Friday, April 11, 2008

playing catchup

Friday, April 11, 2008

yeah, i pretty much suck this week at blogging. and i'm getting yesterday's picture up a day late. but i have a bonus picture. :)

the skeleton and eggshells are from a a little cabinet of drawers full of weird things like kids' teeth, a dead lizard, butterflies and feathers, quartz, and a dead locust. oh and a rabbit's foot keychain. but no ordinary one. this one the fur came off years ago and it's just the poor little skeletal paw. it might seem a little creepy but i see it more as an appreciation of things formerly lovely. my kids bring alot of these things to me. like the skeleton. they felt they had hit the jackpot that day. it was in a little hole between some bricks in a wall, poor thing.

the stamps are my most favorite ones in the whole wide world. :) they were a find in a junk/antique store a few years ago. i fell in love with them and my sis in law bought them for me for my birthday. a few letters are missing so many times i mix upper and lowercase together. the hand is what kills me. love it. the rubber is dried so you have to really press hard to get an impression but i wouldn't trade them for anything.

the things i would lose if there were ever a fire. what would you miss?