Friday, April 25, 2008


Friday, April 25, 2008
wow, a whole week has passed since my last post. i guess i fell off the challenge bandwagon. i have taken some photos i just need to resize and upload. we had our normal unplugged night. kids brought home wonderful grades. i got their applications (and of course the astronomical checks) sent off for their summer activities. oh did i mention a tornado touched down 3-4 blocks from our house?

just one of several trees that were uprooted and/or destroyed. of all the places in town it could touch down we were blessed. it chose the middle of the park. of course there is some small-scale structural damage around town from the winds but nothing like what it could have been. even here it at our house it tore a large limb off our tree and hit the neighbors' house but missed their car by 5-10 feet. we have a couple roof/eave repairs, nothing major.

so i have some paintings i'm excited about and some photos to upload. and a new running contest to announce. oh heck, i'll go ahead announce the contest thing now. from now until, well, forever-ish everyone who has added my etsy shop to their favorite list will be in the running for a free print on the first of every month. that right - every month i will draw a name from everyone who has added the shop to their favorites, and they will receive the print of their choosing, no strings attached. so get over there look aound and stick your name in the running. :)

eta: when i say "added the shop to their favorites" that means having an etsy account and clicking the button that says "add this shop to my favorites" (or something like that). because if you just added it to your favorite links - well, i wouldn't know, would i? hehe and what would be the point of being a link in somebody's browser anyway? ;)