Monday, April 7, 2008

carrying on AKA macro monday

Monday, April 7, 2008

the above is a little case/pouch i made for my ipod nano last year. it has a a swirly embroidered pattern that extends around the side to the back. i drew it on paper first so i could tweak it then drew it directly on the muslin. the inside fabric came from purlsoho or reprodepot, i *think*. i made the case because i needed a place for earbuds to fit, too. that's one of my main complaints about ipod/mp3 cases on the market - no place for earbuds and their tangle of wires when you want to toss the whole thing in your purse or gym (yeah, whatever) bag. perhaps they expect people to never take the earbuds out, just like the plugged-in people in the commercials. hmmmm.

normally my ipod also has a skintight black bodyglove case on it as well so it fits the pouch a little more snug than it looks in the picture. however, the bodyglove case wasn't as photogenic as the pretty blue. ;)

i completely forgot about taking any photos yesterday. oops. it was just a lazy, take-it-as-it-comes sunday. guess i'll not beat myself up about it but i'll try to do better.

i'm very saddened about the olympic torch situation. on the one hand, i feel for for the people of tibet. but i'm also disappointed for the athletes who had a once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the OLYMPIC torch for crying out loud and the rest of the relay in paris had to be cancelled because of protesters. it's a no-win situation.