Saturday, March 29, 2008

little of this, little of that

Saturday, March 29, 2008

so maybe my birdgirl's a little "fond of the pasta" as my husband said. :D i'd like to imagine she's just snuggly. as if she were a pet, she would be the kind who would hop over to you and rub her head on you for a little love and maybe a treat or two and you wouldn't be able to refuse. no, i am not the former owner of that 26 pound cat on msn but not for lack of trying. hehe (ok, seriously, no emails, my cats are very healthy, no people food and only the occasional greenie for a treat for one. the other one doesn't care for treats.)

so last night i read i hate to see that evening sun go down by William Gay last night. it was very good. a bit on the darker side of life and some might even think it bleak. but those are probably the ones who like their books/movies to wrap up nice and neat in a happy little ending. it's definitely a keeper. i got it for a buck off the bargain table at the bookstore. oddly enough, i have found some of my absolute favorites on the bargain tables. i must be outside the mainstream fiction audience or something. if you're curious what other books i own click over on the link in the sidebar "books i have". it'll take you to librarything where i have most of my favorite books cataloged, fiction and non-fiction. there are some juicy art books listed there, too. have fun.

don't forget earth hour!