Thursday, March 6, 2008

1st night unplugged

Thursday, March 6, 2008
so the first night went by so quickly i didn't even have time for anything art or craft related. and while i didn't do anything earth-shattering, i didn't spend my evening surfing news and blogs, either. what i did do:

1. fixed a faulty drain that has been plaguing us for weeks (oh the joys of home ownership!)
2. went grocery shopping with the kids
3. helped a little with supper. yay for husbands who cook!
4. started the first of a continuing wed night game of Monopoly with my 11 year old. (1.5 hours)
5. read a couple magazine articles and discussed them with my husband. he hates when i share the ones that make me teary because i have to pause so often. :D
6. snuggled and goofed off with the kids just before bed

all in all, it was most satisfying. in fact, it made it feel like a weekend or holiday.

i sat down at my computer and reached for the mouse once out of habit but that's all. and my son had no problem with it at all, either. no tv, no computer, no video games... he rode his bike, he shopped with me, monopoly, just hung out. i was pleasantly surprised.

i know i mention kids plural when i write so a person might wonder about my other child or children. i have a 15 year old daughter. she is currently on "unplugged" status involuntarily until her report card comes back with satisfactory grades. that's just a rule of the house. she doesn't get a's and b's, then she gets grounded. that includes electronics except when the computer is needed for homework. that's what works for us.

anyway, so i'm looking forward to next week. maybe i'll have to plan a craft activity or something. it's amazing how those hours seemed to fill themselves up. :)